English to Spanish Translation Professional Alejandra Rivero

Member since January 10, 2013

Hello! I was born and grew up in Argentina and have been living in Ireland since 2011, where everyone knows me as simply “Ali”.

From a very young age I developed a love for my mother tongue, Spanish, and my second language, English, which has in time become a part of me as well. When I was 15, a friend who had fallen for an American asked me to be her translator of the love letters between them. I realized then the power of being able to help two people communicate, and have not stopped since.

I have worked in bilingual environments for my entire professional career (over 10 years now) getting experience in sales, marketing, e-commerce, translation, tourism, and educational services, with employers ranging from big multinational companies to small start ups.

Nowadays I am working as a freelance translator, interpreter, language tutor, and professional tour guide in Dublin. And somehow all my activities, at the end of the day, are about helping people communicate, not only by understanding words in another language, but understanding the culture as well.

VerbalizeIt has given me the opportunity to assist people located all over the world and at anytime get their message across in a wide range of situations. I look forward to interpreting for you!




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