English to Russian Translation Professional Alexander Ivashkevich

Member since September 12, 2016

A unique mix of translation, business and personal experience (and humour, when necessary).

E-com, politics, retail, fashion, sportswear, drinks and food, travel and tourism. Perfect knowledge of the latest trends, concepts and ideas.

Top quality, responsibility, and perfect time management are the musts for every freelancer, and I am not an exclusion here. So I will not try to elaborate on it too much. But you can be sure that all of these are guaranteed.

At the moment, I am a full-time freelance translator, which means that I can dedicate all my working time to your projects when necessary and not get distracted by any other work.

If you are already as far as reading this, it may mean only one thing. I know and you know that there can be no doubt and you need no more searching, you've found what you need. Of course, you may still have some questions, but the best way to get the answers is to contact me and ask whatever you want to know. Experience, education, discounts, surcharges, long hours, huge tasks and extraordinary projects - let's just talk about it!