English to Spanish Translation Professional Alicia Moreno

Member since August 11, 2013

I am a highly experienced linguist with a passion for languages and translation. I have taken up research on translation, having contributed to a better understanding of cross cultural problems in literary translation from Spanish and Catalan into English. My PhD thesis explores issues arising from the translation of irony.

A graduate in English and German by the Barcelona University, I embarked on postgraduate studies in the UK. I successfully graduated in Advanced Translation Studies by the University of Salford. My main expertise lies in literary, educational, general business and marketing translations although I have also worked in other fields.

Over the past few years, I have had experience in proofreading, interpreting and translating in different areas of expertise and subject fields, such as CVs, literary works, medical and technical texts.

As a language lover, I also know other Modern Foreign Languages, including German and French, which I have studied to an advanced Level.

I have extensive experience in teaching Modern Foreign Languages, particularly Spanish and French. I worked as a MFL teacher and Spanish coordinator at Leyland St Mary's in Lancashire, UK, for over 13 years. During this time, I developed numerous educational projects including exchanges with schools in Spain. I have therefore an excellent knowledge of the grammatical aspects of the language as well as being in tune with the cultural nuances in communication.

I have become interested in the implementation of the new technologies in language learning, and I am committed to motivating young learners. In the UK, I also provided support to local primary schools in including Spanish in their curriculums at KS2.

In order to develop my expertise in MFL teaching at different levels and different contexts, I became a teacher of English as a Foreign Language at IES Argentona, in Barcelona. I am now an associate tutor at Edge Hill University.

I have excellent communication skills, I can collaborate across countries, and I am rigorous with my work.




Doctorate Degree