English to Russian Translation Professional Aliona K.

Member since June 04, 2016

As a passionate traveller, I am addicted to new flavours, be it a dinner at a hidden restaurant in an unfamiliar neighbourhood or a breakfast in a cafe off the beaten track.

My chef's background comes in handy when I am exploring world cuisines. With experience in writing restaurant reviews and interviewing noted chefs, I am fond of discovering various sides of the kitchen. Without exaggeration, I have seen it all. I baked, cooked, created menus, catered, served, took photographs of and wrote about food. I learnt from remarkable chefs and taught people myself. I know the basics of cooking, photography and linguistics—and my hands are untied for improvisation.

I have an itch for motion, my recent record is 25k steps a day.

I visited many countries, including the Baltics, Hungary, Czech Republic, Canada and Ukraine.




College Degree