Italian to Italian Transcription Professional Andrea Vaccariello

Member since September 13, 2017

I was born and raised in Milan, Italy. I graduated from the University of Milan in International Mediation in English and Japanese. Part of my family is from the US and I grew up speaking English too.

I started working as an ESL teacher in private schools and high schools in Italy, teaching English to kids and adults, working with them on translation projects and preparing them for official exams, mostly for Cambridge English assessments. Besides teaching, I also worked as a translator for those who needed to prepare presentations and projects in English. I taught both business and general English and when I moved to the US I started teaching Italian too. Right now I'm working as an SAT teacher in New Jersey and as an Assistant Director dealing with customer service, data entry, tracking students' reports in an SAT test prep center.

I like translating because I like writing and adapting words from a source language to a target language, I love the way words can convey information and being bilingual gave me the opportunity of being creative with two different languages. I think languages add a lot of diversity to the world we live in. I provide translation accuracy, attention to detail, and deadline commitment. Feel free to contact me.




College Degree

CELTA Certificate