English to Hindi Translation Professional Atia Imam

  Average Rating: New Delhi, India

Member since May 12, 2014

At present I am freelancing as a translator and Proofreader with Acclaro (Translation for Duolingo), Welocalize, SDL and Lionbridge.

I have experience in reviewing life science documents from Vistatec LLC and Lionbridge for their various Pharamceutical clients. I can also provide Live interpretation services.

Other than that I am handling translation of UI for McAfee (UI),Netflix, Expedia (LQA) Microsoft Glossary and localization as Language Lead. I am responsible for glossary and style guide creation. I am also working as Lead translator for Duolingo on weekly basis. I am also working on transcreation of Microsoft Marketing content from American English to Indian English.

I have worked as Lead Linguist for the language pair English-Hindi with Vistatec LLC (Ireland) for Google (consumer and monetization) from 2011-2014 Feb.

I have localised the game Hobbit and assist in trascreation of app Talking Tom and Gina by OUTFIT 4.

I have got experience working on linguistic reviews, LQAs, QAs of IT, marketing-related content, web site and software content. My experience includes working on CAT tool "Wordfast" and SDL (Idiom Worldserver), Trados 2011 and Google Translation Toolkit (GTT).

I have proofread marketing related content apart from questionnaires, Medical, ICF, verbatim responses, reports, UI, Marketing, Website Content, Help center documents, Legal and Analyses.




College Degree