English to Italian Translation Professional Barbara Kuykendall

Member since July 31, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Barbara Montanari Kuykendall,I am a native speaker of Italian, grew up in a small town in Italy. I completed my studies in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Bologna, Italy, where I studied linguistic, didactics of language, glottology, and different techniques to teach foreign languages. I speak Italian, English, and Spanish fluently, and have a small knowledge of Russian and French.

I have acquired my linguistic skills not only during my undergraduate studies, but also traveling around the world and communicate with native speakers.

I moved to the US five years ago and work for a language school, where I successfully taught Italian and Spanish to children age 1 to 12. Then I decided to pursue a master degree in Bilingual Bicultural Education at DePaul University, from which I will graduate in June 2015.

I always practice and learning new vocabulary and aspects of the languages by watching movies, reading books and articles, and making online research.

I have more than three years of experience in translating different kind of documents, such as contracts, flyers, technical thesis, essays, chapter of books, and some legal documents.

Please feel free to contact me for translations.

Barbara Kuykendall