English to French Translation Professional Beatrice Clerc

Member since September 25, 2013

I am a native French speaker and spent most of my life in France. I have a Master of Science from a top college in Paris, and worked at IBM France for 12 years. There, I have developed an excellent sense of customer service, rigorous work methods, and a solid knowledge of modern communication technologies. As a college educated French native, I have an excellent command of French, and understand puns, slang, colloquialisms, social elements and particular nuances of the language.

In the United States since 2003, I am State Department of Education certified and taught French in classroom settings and on line. I have acquired an excellent command of the American English language. I am currently working from home, translating various documents for local companies and translation agencies. I strive constantly to get across the exact intended meaning and to write in a style that conveys the tone, impression and feeling of the source document. I am dedicated and flexible to meet the client's specific needs and deadlines.

I also transcribe mobile phone conversations to support the development of the latest voice recognition technologies, and perform linguistic analysis to help the robot determinate the user's true intents.





Masters in French