English to Spanish Live Interpretation Professional Bedrich Vargas

Member since July 26, 2012

Everyone has a unique voice, one that needs to be acknowledged. That is why I opened a community school, with the mission to help students find their voice in the world. It was part of the promise I made to the United States of America, right before I came to this country at the age of fourteen.

As far as I can remember, I have always felt connected to a stronger force or energy. I grew up feeling different from the rest of the world. I used to talk with the stars, imploring the Universe to guide me. With the stars, I contemplated the possibility of a whole new world. At times, I used to cry, all by myself, and prayed for a more compassionate and humane world. The only place I was allowed to be myself was in school, where I sang, danced, and even gave speeches for social change. I was only nine years old, the first time I was given a teaching assignment. Back then, I learned the value of being of service.

My previous work experience, particularly with the New York City Department of Education, has taught me the value of Spanish interpretation and translation, in our multicultural world. When I became an educator, back in 2005, I wanted to be the teacher I never had. I thought my own personal experience was enough to make a difference for my students, without realizing that every human being is unique. I do not have the answers to every individual experience. Consequently, I have learned to better of service, by committing myself to professional excellence, in my roles as a teacher, interpreter, and translator.

I am still living the promise I made to the U.S. Embassy, in my native country. I am committed to a life of service.




College Degree

New York State: Spanish 7-12 Certificate Number: 840248 Washington, DC: Classroom Observer Federal Clearance International School of Linguistics: Department of Education Interpreter Preparation Reference Number: fXocjjvlRO