English to Spanish Translation Professional Berta Narváez

Member since June 07, 2014

The university degree, supplemented by seven years of experience and the working experience abroad, has equipped me to handle the general demands of Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting. I am a Spanish-English sworn translator focused on the legal and financial fields, but I do not only work in all those areas in which English and native Spanish speaker are required; I also translate from French into Spanish. When I worked in the Spanish Confederation of Saving Banks (CECA) I was mainly translating Merging Contracts, SLAs (Service Level Agreements), press releases to savings banks about financial products, meetings of shareholders, letters of bonus offers, etc. Therefore, I would like to offer you my professional services to assist in any sort of sworn and general translations or in any position where a language professional would be demanded.

At present, I am a freelance translator and I work for Spanish and foreign companies.

I always give 110% of myself because I believe that if something is done it should be with the upmost importance otherwise it is not even worth the effort.

Sincerely yours,

Berta Narváez.




College Degree

Official Sworn Translator of English and Spanish