English to Spanish Translation Professional Bettina Vaamonde

Member since September 10, 2013

I have been passionate about languages, cultures and the differences between them since high school so naturally I decided to study a Bachelor in Arts in Modern Languages with a Major in Translation. My dream was studying a Master in Translation, and therefore, I moved to Canada to study a Graduate Diploma in Translation. The Literature component of both degrees has allowed me to develop strong analytical skills, and has taught me to pay extreme attention to detail and quality. Translation is an intricate task; being able to replicate not only the content but the feeling of a certain text is essential, and I am confident that due to having been exposed to numerous types and styles of writing, I have the ability to compose accurate Spanish translations of any text I am faced with. In addition, not only I am a native speaker of Spanish, but I also have an excellent command of English and German, because I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela in a German household, and always attended a trilingual (Spanish-English-German) Kindergarten, Elementary and High School (Humboldt School).Moreover, I have excellent organizational skills, and I am highly skilled in coordinating different activities simultaneously, prioritizing job responsibilities and working under pressure and tight deadlines. Given my educational and professional background, I am certain I could make a significant contribution to the company.