English to Spanish Translation Professional Brian Lamoreaux

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I graduated with a BA in Spanish from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and I have 8 years of experience working in a call center as a Spanish Customer Service Representative and I've had 3+ years translating/interpreting medical and business translations. I have lived in Costa Rica for over a year and I have been told I have a very latino accent. I have a lot of friends from Mexico, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I consider myself to be a near native level even though Spanish is my second language. I know broadcast Spanish and with my experience in the Spanish language, I communicate exclusively with native spanish speakers from Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Panama, Spain and thus I have an excellent understanding of the slang or different "street"words used in those areas and the different accents in all those areas. I love speaking and conversing in Spanish and it is truly one of my passions.




College Degree

BA in Spanish TEFL/TESL Certified