English to Spanish Live Interpretation Professional Carolina Madrid

Member since October 14, 2013

I am fascinated by the power of effective communication and am constantly trying to bring my native Spanish skills into the equation. My background is in business journalism and PR, bringing five years of experience to my current role at a global PR firm advising clients on mainstream and Hispanic consumer and media strategy.

My professional experience includes conducting media relations for clients including Ford, GlaxoSmithKline, Marriott, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, Telefónica and UnitedHealthcare, among other Silicon Valley-based start-ups. I have also used my Spanish skills to develop Hispanic market strategies for these and other clients, and transcreating messaging aimed at diverse ethnic groups.

My fluency in Spanish has also paved the way for variety of opportunities, including award-winning coverage of the Arizona immigration law as a reporter for Reuters, as well as Hispanic community outreach on behalf of clients such as Walt Disney, MGM and Comcast.

An enthusiasm for global culture flourished during my studies in China and Spain, and I hope to continue nurturing that passion throughout my career. I have laid out only two concrete goals for my professional journey: to avoid comfort zones and continue learning.




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