English to French Translation Professional Christopher Thompson

Member since May 29, 2013

Certifications and Diplomas: MA in French, Certified ACTFL Superior in French by the United States Peace Corps.

Experience: 11 years of written and spoken translation experience both English to French and French to English in the US, France, Francophone Africa, and Quebec. This includes translation of newsletter articles, official government documents, internal company documents, and live spoken translation. In addition I have taught first and second-year French courses at the university level and my professional experience in Francophone Africa has required me to perform these additional tasks in French: produce and narrate radio shows, compose articles for international development newsletters, author reports, lead meetings involving highly diverse groups of French speakers, translate between two African languages and French (Ewe and Kotokoli), and perform stand-up comedy.





Certified (ACTFL) Superior in French by the United States Peace Corps.