English to German Translation Professional Claudia Hofmann

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I am a native German speaker, born and raised in Italy, now living in the US. Before moving to the States I worked as a European Union government official in Brussels. I started my EU career in the European Parliament, where I translated texts for the Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. I then joined the team of the Secretary General of the European Commission, where I was, among other things, responsible for proofreading and editing translations of the European Commission President’s speeches. After the EU elections, the Secretary General recommended me as a German-speaking assistant for the Transition Team of then President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker. In the Transition Team, and later the President’s Cabinet, I was responsible for translating, drafting, re-drafting and proofreading all correspondence to be signed by the President, including to i.a. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as for all diplomatic and political relations with German-speaking countries. I translate from English to German.




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