English to Italian Translation Professional Cristina Lo Bianco

Member since July 09, 2014

I am an Italian native, experienced technical and scientific translator extablished in 2006, working with full confidence in fields ranging from mathematics and physics, through biology and engineering, to electronics and software.

My language pairs are English to Italian, Spanish to Italian and French to Italian.

I have an advanced knowledge of all my source languages, which I constantly keep up and improve by means of practice and reading.

I have a Master's degree in Physics and I've been awarded a three years Ph.D. scholarship in Physics at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. In addition to the notions and skills I gained in my undergraduate and graduate studies, I pursue continuing professional development through high quality e-learning courses in a range of technical and scientific disciplines, all the while keeping myself up to date with recent developments through scientific journals and magazines.

Major projects:


University Calculus text book (600 pages)

Medical Survey about treatment of arthritis (9000 words)

Scientific paper on medicinal herb (2500 words)

Paper on international research laboratory (1200 words)


User manuals for electron microscopes (370,000 words)

Manuals for electronic devices for industrial systems (35,000 words)

Patents in the field of electronics (25,000 words)

Website for tooling, engineered components and advanced materials (18,000 words)

Manuals for laboratory equipment (5000 words)

Manuals for optical devices (3500 words)


Manuals and UI for Product Lifecycle Management software (120,000 words)

Web site content for geospatial imagery software (30,000 words)

Manuals and UI for Industrial Design Software (25,000 words)

Website content for Network managing software solutions (4000 words)





Master's degree in Physics