English to Simplified Chinese Translation Professional Daniel Rein Ooi

Member since August 18, 2013

Hi, My name's daniel and my job experience for interpreting and translating are in conference, business and community interpreting.

I'm proficient in both English, Mandarin (Chinese) and other chinese dialects such as Cantonese, Hokkien and Teochew.

I was born in Singapore where English has been my first language in school and I had taken Mandarin as my second language since pre-school. My previous jobs also requires me to interpret and translate in both English and Mandarin and travel frequently to China for business meetings.

I'm a professional trained interpreter and will be graduating from The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University specializing in Interpreting and Translating.

I hope I can bring the best of service to you together with Verbalizeit!


Simplified Chinese


College Degree

advanced diploma in interpreting and translating (RMIT University)