German to German Transcription Professional David Maurel

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Member since May 07, 2015

Hello I am David Maurel. I am currently studying sociology in Austria. Ever since I was a child, I have been interested in languages. I have learned the basics of many different tongues, ranging from Slovenian to Latin.

However, I never fell in love with any of them as much as I did with English.

Eight-year-old me, with lots of help from my older brother, started watching American and British TV shows out of a need for new episodes that wouldn't air on German and Austrian channels for at least one year. What started as a tool for keeping up with my favorite programs long before all of my friends eventually became my favorite form of communication.

Since then I have been:

-Helping English teachers keep their vocabulary up to date.

-Working with teaching assistants from Britain and the US to improve their German.


-Helping Austrian bloggers by proofreading their work.

I am proficient in:

-English to English transcription.

-German to German transcription.

I am looking forward to hearing from and working for you!




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