English to Portuguese Translation Professional Dawn Taylor

Member since April 04, 2013

I am currently working on a PhD in the Department of Comparative Literature at Penn State. My research project focuses on 20th century Latin American literatures, particularly the processes of publication, circulation, and reception in Brazil and Cuba. I am also an instructor of world literature and have taught a large variety of courses, in-class and online, including Literatures of the Americas, Literature of the Occult, The Development of Literary Humor, Non-Western Myths and Mythologies, and Introduction to World Literature. In 2011, I also served as Editorial Assistant for the journal "Comparative Literature Studies" and was responsible for managing article and book reviews.

I have over ten years of experience as a contributing translator on projects ranging from official documents, procedural manuals, medical pamphlets, and travel brochures to children’s stories, short stories, and academic articles. Recently, I transcribed and translated a series of lectures renowned Brazilian novelist Jorge Amado gave as a Visiting Fellow at The Pennsylvania State University in 1971 and published four article translations on Jorge Amado and World Literature, which appeared in the journal "Comparative Literature Studies" (49.3). I also have more than ten years of experience as a language instructor, teaching all levels of English as a Second Language and Business Portuguese in Brazil as well as all levels of Portuguese language at Penn State.




Doctorate Degree