English to English Transcription Professional Eliza Kalfa

Member since May 07, 2013

Work ethic:

Providing a high-quality service is of the utmost importance to me and I would rather turn down a job than deliver a sub-standard translation.

Knowing one's strengths and limitations is essential in this profession - no translator is an expert in all areas of human knowledge. It is, therefore, extremely important to find the right translator for each job. For this reason, I never accept a project without first seeing the text and I do not accept projects outside of my areas of expertise. If I judge, according to my own high standards, that I am not up to the task, I am always happy to recommend a trusted colleague who specialises in the subject.

When I take on a project I first make sure that a) I have the required expertise in the particular field, b) I am familiar with the terminology used and c) I can deliver the translation on time.

All texts are thoroughly revised and proof-read by me before being delivered to the project manager/end client. It is understood that the formatting of the original file will be preserved, unless this violates a grammatical or cultural norm of the target language, or unless otherwise specified by the client.

Examples of past projects:

-Market research developed by Brainjuicer for new beer and cider products (translation, approx. 15,000 words)

-Official transcriber for the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2012 and 2013

-Official transcriber and editor for the APEC Second Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM2) and various working group meetings, e.g. Oceans and Fisheries Working Group, Intellectual Property WG, Business Mobility, Women and the Economy, etc. (EN transcription, approx. 100,000 words, EN editing, approx. 100,000 words, EN proofreading, approx. 40,000 words)

-Study: wind potential study and technical study for the construction of a wind farm on the island of Andros (EL>EN translation, approx. 14,000 words)

-Promotional material: autoflowering cannabis seeds (ES>EN translation, approx. 1,000 words)

-Marketing material for clinical trial testing a new drug for MS - brochures, patient fact sheets, consent forms, etc. (backtranslation into English, approx. 6,000 words)

-Promotional material: eco-friendly dishwasher models (EN revision, approx. 9,000 words)

-Interview with the CEO of an electronic health service provider (translation, approx. 2,000 words)

-General ledger user manual + SAP/ERP tutorials and glossary of terms (ES>EN translation, 25,000 words)

-Dissertation: shipping in the Mediterranean, effects on biodiversity of the region (EL>EN translation, approx. 21,000 words)

-Article: in specialist anthropology journal on Romanian immigrants in Brussels (ES>EN translation, approx. 2,000 words)

-Agreement: terms and conditions for the organization of a fair in Valencia, Spain (ES>EN translation, approx. 6,000 words)

-Study: "Education and Risk Management in Latin America" (ES>EN translation, approx. 60,000 words)

-Manual: hemodialysis machine operating manual (EN proofreading, approx. 70,000 words)

Office hours:

Monday-Friday, 9AM – 5PM CET.

For urgent projects, I can be reached by e-mail every day of the week, 9AM - 11PM CET.

Please keep in mind that I charge a premium for rush jobs.

Working hours:



Modern Greek (1453-)


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