English to French Translation Professional Eléonore Haslé

Member since October 05, 2016


I am a French student, currently studying urban planning and political science for my last year of Masters.

After graduating high school, I chose to study for two years in a "prépa" and specialised in English literature and translation. I prepared the entrance exams for the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting of Geneva and different Political Science Institutes in France, and had to choose between studying translation or political science. I was keen on both subjects and chose political science; I kept on translating whenever I could while studying. Then I studied abroad in Denmark for one year and found myself interested in urban planning. When I came back in Lyon, I started a double masters degree in urbain planning and political science.

Apart from my studies, I am passionate about gender equality and sustainability. I like to dig for information on these two topics. During my free time, I volunteer for an association fighting for gender equality, and I also love to read and cook.

I hope you will trust my translating skills, I am eager for helping you!