English to Russian Translation Professional Emil Iskandarov

  Average Rating: Moscow, Russian Federation

Member since April 05, 2017

Welcome aboard! Let us introduce Emil once again.

Emil is a Russian native speaker and qualified English-Russian translator (master's degree, majoring in translation and simultaneous interpreting) with more than 8 years of experience. He is completely fluent in both English and Russian.

As shown on his Profile, he's been rendering translation/interpreting/proofreading services to AspanJet Airlines, Deutsche-Boerse (Prague, Czech Republic), Rahat Palace Hotel (former Hyatt Regency), World Intellectual Property Organization, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and many other well-known companies and organizations.

Despite his extensive experience in many different fields and areas, he always questions himself, 'Does it sound and look natural in the target language?'

Emil does also provide transcription, transcreation, adaptation services.

He is available evenings and weekends. Should you need any assistance, feel free to contact Emil whenever you deem it necessary.





Master's degree diploma (obtained in 2012)