Italian to Italian Transcription Professional Enrico Carnevali

Member since March 15, 2016

I am Italian and I was born in Bologna in 1990. I graduated in Law with a final grade of 107/110 and since then I decided to follow my passion: teaching Italian language and culture abroad.

In Italy I worked as a teacher and translator for the Brown in Bologna Program and I am currently working as a language teacher at the Chilean-Swiss Institute, Santiago, Chile.

Due to my studies at Barcelona University (where I did an exchange program as an undergraduate student) and my work experience in Chile I have attained a deep knowledge of the Spanish language.

Besides Spanish, I have a broad knowledge of English, as certified by a 106 TOEFL score. I studied English since kindergarten and I wrote my undergraduate law thesis at New York University (and lived there for 6 months). This year I have been accepted at Boston College's graduate program in literature and teaching.

During my academic and work experience, I have always interacted with different languages - especially Italian, English and Spanish - and as a consequence I have reached a vast and deep background in translations. less




College Degree

CEDILS: Certification as Italian teacher. TOEFL: Final score: 106.