Spanish to Spanish Transcription Professional Enrique García

Member since January 28, 2014

I consider myself a men of words, there are two reasons for this, first I read a lot in English and Spanish so you can say that I not only know those languages but I am also literate on both, also I write some from time to time. The second reason why I'm a men of words is because I have a background on sciences, also I like all sciences so you can say that I have an extensive vocabulary that includes technical and scientific words.

I don't translate words I translate ideas, this is, in order to do a translation first I consider the context, then I read the idea and finally I interpret the idea on the target language, in this way you can have an accurate not just translation but expression of your idea and even your feelings and your intention.

Because of those two things you can rely on me to have an accurate translation of your ideas no matter how complex or technical is your text.




College Degree