English to Spanish Live Interpretation Professional Erika Penaloza

Member since January 22, 2014

I am the first born to Mexican parents who came to the United States in 1979 in order to find a better life. Although I was born in the U.S, my first language is Spanish because my parents did not speak any English. I learned English when I was about 4 or 5 years old and since have continued to grow my vocabulary and thus have always obtained bilingual positions where Spanish fluency is was must. I have held a variety of position both in the military and civilian sector where I have learned specific industry terms which allowed me to attain employment as a Professional Interpreter in 2010. Since I have made it my personal mission to grow and reach new milestones. Now I am at a point where I am ready to learn more and or attain new milestones whether it be through interpreting experience or gaining certifications through school work and curriculum. I am enjoying every moment of my journey and I cannot wait to see what the future is going to bring to me.




College Degree

None. Fluent due to my upbringing, being exposed to both languages and cultures my entire life.