English to Spanish Translation Professional Estela Ponisio

Member since June 08, 2014

I was born and raised in Argentina, and I live in Spain. For that reason, I can translate from English into Neutral Spanish, Argentinian Spanish and Spanish of Spain.

I have worked as a translator for more than 17 years, and I hold a Licentiate Degree in Philosophy, and the ATA certification for translation from English into Spanish.

The following are just some examples of translations I completed in the past:


Translation of the following published books:

• David Gemmell, Los dominios del lobo, Ediciones Gigamesh, 2003.

• Steven Brust, La Guardia Fénix , Ediciones Gigamesh, 2002.

• David Gemmell, Waylander, Ediciones Gigamesh, 2002.

• Jack Vance, Maske: Taeria, Ediciones Gigamesh, 2001.


Translation of the following published book:

• Bruno Latour, Ciencia en acción. Labor, Barcelona, España, 1992, 84-335-5009-8 (translation in collaboration,)


• Translation, proofreading and revision of seminars, academic articles, research papers and conference talks on sustainable production models, urban regeneration, urban sustainability and housing policies.

• Translation of research papers, presentations and academic articles for several seminars on financial markets (stocks, futures, bonds, indexes, fundamental and technical analysis, etc.)

• Translation of research papers, presentations and academic articles for a seminar on corporate innovation and evolution.


• Translation of marketing texts and product catalogs. Subtitling of marketing videos. Website translation and localization.





ATA certification ​​