Spanish to Spanish Transcription Professional Fabio Morales

Member since August 31, 2013

Do you need a reliable Spanish translation of an English text or video sound track? As someone with a higher education degree and career, who has Spanish as first language and has lived many years in Canada and Germany, I could be the person you’re looking for.

I have translated 6 books from German and 3 books from English (all of them in Philosophy) for renowned Spanish publishing houses. Over the last decade I have also translated hundreds of German and English articles for web pages and cultural magazines.

Since I have lived both in Spain and Latin America, my Spanish language versions are generally free from regional colourings and can thus be more easily understood by international audiences.

As a retired university professor I have now plenty of time at my disposal and can undertake even large translation projects, especially in the fields of literature, philosophy, politics, journalism, cultural criticism, and art theory. But short assignments are equally welcomed, provided they are not too technical.




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