English to French Translation Professional Fatma Gueye

Member since June 04, 2013

Hello Everyone! I am Fatma from Senegal and i live in New York City.

I came to the land of multiculturalism (USA) and opportunities in 2001 and obtained my Bachelor in Computer Science from St John's University NY. I am a Web Designer for a Development company.

I speak French, English, Wolof and Bambara fluently and have been translating for many different companies for years now. Mostly in the medical field and for government agencies.

Being able to translate languages to assist people in many way has been very fulfilling for me, because it helps many people break the language barrier. It's literally like sliding from one side of a wall through the other.

I fell in love with the Verbalizeit concept for the simple fact that it is very accessible to everyone!!!

So I am looking forward to working with all of you and make the world a language barrier free place!




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