English to Portuguese (Brazil) Translation Professional Felipe Hummelgen

Member since January 18, 2016

Mechanical Engineer, 26 years old.

I've been studying English since 4 years old, use it everyday in my Job and hobbies also. Started doing translations to help a friend, who does it as a professional job. Decided to try it on my own, because i really enjoy it. Helping my friend for almost a year now.

I can speak French and German as well, with experience in both countries. 1 year in France, 6 months in Germany. Want to work with these other 2 languages too.

You can really trust me, i will work hard to give you the best translation as possible.


Portuguese (Brazil)


College Degree

French: Fluent (Lived in France for 1 year + French Diploma) German: Advanced (Lived in Germany for 6 months + German Diploma) English: Fluent (Lived in the US for 2 months + English Diploma)