English to Indonesian Transcription Professional Fifi Arisandi

Member since December 02, 2015

I am a professional currently living and working in Indonesia.

I have been working in various industries for more than 6 years; most of them are in the marketing field. I have experiences in many areas of marketing from sales & promotion, marketing communication, digital marketing to brand/product management, in several different industries, from retail, health & beauty to education.

I have experiences in marketing field in several different industry. My first experience was as a sales marketing in an education agent. Then I join PT Datascrip as a Marketing Executive, which role was as a product manager. I was in charge for the consumables (printer’s ink) and projector product of the famous and well-known, Canon brand.

Afterwards, I join PT Luxasia Indonesia as an Assistant Brand Manager for imported fragrance brands, Salvatore Ferragamo and Jean Paul Gaultier. Currently I work in a major local company Martha Tilaar Group as a Marketing Manager who handle the beauty school. All of my experiences have given me broad and valuable insight and knowledge that make me able to deal with many challenges.

I am an analytical person. I love doing research before deciding anything. These make me a strategic person since I have always been full of consideration. I also like to question many things. It's probably because I always think out-of-the-box. I am confident and secure with myself. Yes, I have weaknesses but I also have strengths, therefore I take constructive critics & advise in a proper way.

I am perfectionist; I always do everything the best I can. I always find ways to upgrade myself in many aspects. I never allow myself to feel complacent. I am an introvert person. I find my strength in being alone since it allows me to think and contemplate. But I don't have any issue working with people. I may not be the most patient person in the world but I can be quite tolerable as long as it is reasonable.

I work best when I am being trusted. Since I believe that once trust is lost, it is almost impossible to gain it like it was before. So I will do everything I can to keep the trust given to me.




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