English to Portuguese (Brazil) Translation Professional Filipe Costa

Member since March 31, 2016

Filipe Costa is a 23-year-old Brazilian, born and raised in Salvador, Bahia. He is currently studying Foreign Languages (English), at Federal University of Bahia. His objective is to be a full-time translator. Since he was a kid, he had a fascination with learning languages, which led him to teach himself English via dictionaries, the internet, various books and movies. By his teenage years he was already fluent in the language and could communicate like any native speaker. Despite never being abroad yet, he has friends in several different countries with whom he speaks daily. His experience in translating goes back to his late teenage years, when he started translating interviews about the game Diablo III for an Orkut community. Later, for the same community, he and a friend translated the short fantasy book Demonsbane, the first book set in the Diablo universe. Those were unpaid works, done out of dedication to the community that was, in a big way, part of his circle of friends at the time. He found his path into Translation when he noticed that it was what he actually likes working with.

Filipe is still a budding translator professionally speaking, but he's very attentive to detail and a perfectionist when it comes to his work. He is out to prove himself and establish his place as a trustworthy and competent translator.


Portuguese (Brazil)


College Degree