Spanish to English Translation Professional Franco Monsalve

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I am a fluent Spanish speaker and very good at translating Portuguese as well. The way I came about my translating skills was from growing up. I was born in Peru and lived there until I turned 8 years old. Then I came to the USA, where I learned to speak perfect English. I often traveled back to Peru and kept in touch with my family, at the same time keeping my Spanish strong. However, where I grew up In Newark, NJ, there was a huge Brazilian population and a lot of people spoke Portuguese only. Most of my good friends were Brazilian, and I decided to study it a little bit and thanks to all the practice speaking it with them, I became very good at it. I even traveled to Brazil for a month a couple of years ago, which helped my Portuguese tremendously. I graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor's in Biology. During my studies I took a class about Brazilian literature; the class, was conducted in Portuguese and required reading a lot of Portuguese books and writing essays in Portuguese. I received an A in that class. I like speaking different languages, it helps me connect with much more people than I would otherwise. I like translating because it allows me to connect people who otherwise wouldn't be able to speak to each other.




College Degree

Bachelor in Arts - Rutgers University