English to Spanish Live Interpretation Professional Gabriela Medina De Perez

Member since September 22, 2014

My name is Gabriela Perez. I have lived in the United States since the year 1999. I went to School in a small community along with many other Hispanic people. After six months going to school, I became fluent in English. It was until High School when my teachers and principal, requested my help with translating many documents for them. Those documents were often sent to the parents who didn't speak English. These documents involved updates or changes going on in the school district as well as information of how the students were doing Academically. Some times, I was called out of class for a short period of time, in order to Interpret for visitors who didn't speak English. My goal was to become an Interpreter after graduating High School. When my plans didn't work as planned, I moved to Mexico for 3 years and engaged in the preaching work in the English field. Once again, that allowed me to gain experience in both languages and learned to accurate translate and interpret from one language to another. I enjoy helping people understand what is being said to them in another language. No one should be left alone, not understanding what is being told to them or sent to them in writing. I love to use my knowledge of both languages, to help them live comfortable in this country, not worrying about communicating with others.




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