Italian to Italian Transcription Professional Gabriele Bianchi

Member since April 27, 2016

Born and raised in Italy, after graduating in translation studies (English, German and Italian) I worked as a freelance German-into-Italian translator for an Italian-based translation company specialized in medical and insurance-related documentation.

After working on two European co-financed cooperation projects as a project coordinator and main translator for correspondence documentation from and into English and Italian I moved to Greece where I worked as a trainee for the translation department of an international travel agency and rental company (translating brochures and catalogues from English and German into Italian and from Italian into English.)

In 2003 I moved to Ireland where I have lived ever since, my previous jobs in this country include being a translation coordinator for a major American airline for about 8 years and an insurance agent specialized in medical insurance for German-speaking, Spanish-speaking and Italian-speaking clients.

I am currently living between Italy and Ireland and work as a freelance translator specialized in technical translations.




College Degree

BA in Translation (German, English, and Italian) Currently studying towards a Master's Degree in technical translation from English into Italian