Italian to English Transcription Professional Gina Ferlisi

Member since October 05, 2015

i can ensure high quality and quick turnaround. I have 23 years of translating experience and I am bilingual in Italian and English, specialised in the following topics: IT and software,Technical,Tourism, e-learning ecommerce, internet marketing, websites (see list on my Cv of some of my websites translations), legal translations ,marketing and retail, gaming and casino online,Business translations,Technical (CD players,Washing machine ect.) Telecommunciation - Telecom manuals (Mobile and Handset Phones),I have translated many software programs e.g easycad, update office 2007 for Microsoft and microsoft glossary into italian, yellowpages and hardward manuals e.g inkjet printer, modem manual and mobile phone manuals for nokia and telecom i also have ongoing collaboration with iphone(italy) translating all the disney game software.I translate for skype and i also have an ongoing collaboration with GyPSii, Facebook and Hi5 social networks translating all the website software applications into italian too.