Spanish (Latin America) to Spanish (Latin America) Transcription Professional Gloria Tapia Nuñez

Member since July 15, 2016

I have been working doing live Spanish to English (and vice versa) interpretation/ translation over the phone for a year now. The kind of interpretation that we do in this job is known as Consecutive Interpreting. In consecutive interpreting, we listen to people speaking during periods of time that range from less than a minute up to 6 minutes (oftentimes a little longer than 6 minutes). Then, we immediately convert and relay the utterance into the opposite language in a complete (no omissions) and fully accurate manner.

I am certain that the skills I have acquired during the time that I have been doing interpretation will allow me to perform the tasks you require with an outstanding quality level.

I handle all kinds of calls; from regular customer service calls, calls from schools, social services, automobile industry, insurance companies, tech support, up to legal and health care/ medical calls. From this you can be assured that I am very much familiar with a wide variety of specialized terminologies.

The company I work for, LanguageLine Solutions, is the global leader in the field. We are constantly monitored for quality assurance purposes; thus you can be positive that I am very good at what I do.

Also, because of my personal and educational background, I guarantee great spelling, punctuation and grammar in both languages: English and Spanish.


Spanish (Latin America)


College Degree

• Language Line Solutions Learning Center. 1 Lower Ragsdale Drive, Monterey, CA. U.S.A. CS Interpreter Certification (2015). • Centro Linguístico del Valle (Quick Learning Institute). Del Valle Linguistic Center (Quick Learning Institute). Insurgentes Sur, Mexico City, Mexico. English Teacher Certification, 2006-2008. • Universidad La Salle, Facultad Mexicana de Medicina. La Salle University, Mexican Faculty of Medicine. San Fernando, Mexico City, Mexico, 2001-2004. Licenciatura en Médico Cirujano.