English to Spanish Translation Professional Gustavo Garcia-saravi Merino

Member since October 27, 2015

Translator of English into Spanish. English into Spanish legal translations.

I work on my projects with total dedication. UK based Spanish lawyer with extensive knowledge in legal and legalized translations.

Website localization projects, adapt cultural expressions or sayings from one culture to another, this is key in localization work. Every little nuance must be culturally correct!

Various areas of specialisation: text editing, text revising, proofreading, legal translations, localisation, surveys, healthcare, turisms and travel translations, business translations, websites, employee books, employment governance and compliance documents, marketing research, legal research.

Main projects within the legal field: criminal record certificates (DBS), articles of association, commercial agreements, minutes of meetings, powers of attorney, notarial deeds, marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, wills, testaments,legal proceedings, probate documents, contracts, insurance policies, civil actions, court orders.

Website localization project: I carried out a website localization project for an English Ltd tea company with excellent results.

Employment and compliance documents: employee handbooks, recruitment documents, employment policy documents, promotional offers for recruitment.

Should you require any additional information, please contact me on "gustavogarciasaravi@gmail.com" and I'll be delighted to swiftly respond you.




College Degree