English to Arabic Live Interpretation Professional Hazem Hasan

Member since September 12, 2013

I'm Hazem A.Wahab El Zatma, 25 years old lives in Gaza, Palestine. I'm interested much in the English Language and that was the main reason to be majored in an English field in the university.

From the very start of the University life my progress in the language based on the passion and internal motivation to learn the language and improving my skills for the better.

Although I was majored in Teaching English in the university, I preferred to move to a practical field of the language where I can continuously develop my language and sculpture my skills rather that what I would have achieved if I kept the teaching field.

It's an undeniable fact the learning the English is a must nowadays as the life accelerates more and more every day, I've chosen the most important jobs related to that fact, where secretary and translation are considered as pillars of the current growing need of easier communication.

For me Translation is a very active working field, where I can acquire and practice thousands of vocabulary at the same time, but the most important point in this is that the translator should deal with the translation as if he or she tastes a food or feels something.

Living in an area of crises and unstable life have made it difficult for me to travel abroad, getting to know how do the other people live like and to get more skills for my command of the English language, but I used an alternatives tool, that the internet became the major way of communication in our age even between a single community and for me used it to upgrade my spoken language through talking with the natives.




College Degree

BA in Teaching English Diploma in Secretary