German to German Transcription Professional Heidi Christina Behrens

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I was born in São Paulo - Brazil in 1966 and grew up later on in Germany. I have been divorced a very long time ago and have one grown-up child and grandchildren, who are living in Germany. I have been back to living in Brazil again since October 2014 in Petrolina - Pernambuco. - I still haven't found what I'm looking for or what I'm not, but maybe should be, ... - ...however heretofore, as far as it goes, I can consider myself, somehow maybe more meanwhile and somehow maybe less..., as a writer, a singer, a dancer and a keen friend of communication with a passionate interest in detecting and investigating latent matters of facts, realities or "truths" of man"kind" or "not so kind" as well and I glow for inspiration of all description. - To this day or more than ever before, I'm not really wise enough about myself to discover my own mystery and to be a completer and truer version of myself. - Anyway..., I always loved traveling and to act and communicate in foreign languages, especially in English, as I principally do and I recently and by the way teach the German language as a foreign language over here in Brazil.




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