English to Danish Translation Professional Henriette Saffron

  Average Rating: Outrup, Denmark

Member since May 19, 2014

English-Danish translation and proofreading/editing of Danish texts.

I am a native Dane and a full-time freelancer and have been translating since 2013. I am highly skilled in Danish spelling, grammar and punctuation and adhere to the guidelines laid out by The Danish

Language Council. (For those familiar with Danish punctuation: I use “start commas”.) For 25 years I have been constructing crosswords and other puzzles for major publications in Denmark.

I acquired a Certificate of Proficiency in English from Cambridge University in 1986; apart from that I am self- taught in English. In my opinion translating is not to be taken lightly. The finished result has to be written in proper Danish with the intended reader in mind.

I make sure your Danish texts are correct. I also know the importance of making texts appealing to the target audience, and I am not afraid to suggest improvements.




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