English to Spanish Live Interpretation Professional Henry Maldonado

Member since July 30, 2013

Hey! My name is Henry Maldonado and I'm a English and Spanish interpreter for Verbalizeit. My parents were born in Peru but I spent most of my years in New York. I've honestly live in many different places and have been exposed to a large variety of cultures. I've visited a bunch of countries and i can't tell you how many times i had to gamble when i was ordering something from a menu. Not knowing a language can leave you feeling helpless. I speak, read, and write both English and have been interpreting unofficially since i was a toddler. Languages have always fascinated me, learning a language is like acquiring a ticket into another world. I have a B.A. in General Linguistics and am a part-time interpreter. I transcribe documents, and also tutor if anyone wishes to better their Spanish.




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