English to French Live Interpretation Professional Ian Huet-gundill

Member since January 31, 2014

I was born in Paris and lived west of Paris with my Parents, brother and sister up until the age of nine. My brother and I at this time went to boarding school in North Yorkshire England where we did seven years of schooling. At about the age of 18 I returned to continental Europe to complete my studies. First doing one year of schooling in Paris I then moved to Belgium where I attended Saint Luc for seven years.

Following my University studies in Belgium I moved to work in Import Exports in Normandy France. I did two years work there and left to become a sports photographers following skying and sailing competitors in the Alps and on the French riviera for the next five years.

I then Moved to New York where I continued photography for a time. The industries change to a more digital medium saturated the professional photographers industry so I moved in retail and soon after marketing where I became a sales and customer agent for a years and rapidly progressed to management and business ownership training and mentoring sales agents of my own in North New Jersey with Verizon as my client. Since I have closed my office and I am now looking for work in a business setting using my multicultural and By-lingual skills.




College Degree