English to Spanish Translation Professional Irune Hidalgo

Member since April 25, 2013

I received my Bachelor of English Philology in June 2000 and my Bachelor of Translation and Interpretation in June 2005. I am posgraduated in Audiovisual Translation.

I gained practical skills dealing with people in different projects of the European Union:

- English and German for Au Pairs - Developing English and German language Course and Vocational Thematic Materials for Au Pairs

- Education for Parents, School of Intergenerational Communication

- Parents Vocational Trainers - Parents as Facilitators in Choosing Vocational Education for Their Children. Training for School Career Counsellors Focused on Co-operation with Parents

- VirIncCreate - Virtual Incubator for the Creative Industries

- Ways of living together

- Education for the Health of People (E-H-P)

- NEOS – News Effectiveness and Objectiveness in Press Services

- TellVit – Learning to Learn

I have experience subtitling and localizing films, DVDs, TV series and documentaries (SDI Media)


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