English to Slovak Translation Professional Jan Ramza

Member since July 15, 2014

Jan Ramza has been an English to Slovak translator for the past 3 years. A resident of Slovakia Jan typically translates content for the websites and travel/hospitality industries, as well as 9 others. Jan has received a Masters, and has 2 years experience in the translation industry.





• Bilingual English-Slovak Grammar School in Sucany, Slovakia, 1994 ̶ 1999 • Specialized State Examination of English in the field of natural sciences (biology and chemistry), State Language School in Zilina, Slovakia, 1998 • Master of Science, Faculty of Natural Sciences of Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia, specialization: biology and environmental sciences, 1999-2004 • National Vocational Qualification in Health and Social Care, Level 2, City & Guilds, United Kingdom, 2011