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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to apply for a freelance position with you, as I strongly believe that we both could benefit from my experience and expertise in expert translations.

I was born 1973 in Meissen, Germany where I finished High School on top of my class.

Reliability and dedication are my qualities on any job.

After school I tried myself in a variety of professions including the food service industry, construction but ended with becoming a web designer, developer where I’m still working as a independent contractor.

It was in this position where I started translating for my clients. I can provide professional translating services in sectors such as financial, web/internet documents, medical, architectural and more.

The latest translating job completed was a Capital & Assets report for a german based investment company. I was asked to translate 7 pages from this report from German to English. The workload included about 2000 words and I finished much to the delight of my client within 4 hours.

I moved to the USA, Los Angeles in 1989 where I have been residing ever since.

- I am fluent in speech as well as writing in German and English and have a basic understanding in Spanish as well.

- My typing/computer skills are on a professional level and I can offer extensive knowledge with most current software programs for Windows as well as Mac.

- I am on a professional level with writing my own custom software solutions in php/mysql as well.

- As for my work settings, I own a 27" iMac, iPad mini and iPhone and maintain a always-on high-speed internet connection.

- Nights and weekends are no problem as well, if required for the job.

- I maintain land-line phone service with AT&T.

- I am using Skype to communicate with family and friends as well as clients on a daily basis and maintain a PayPal account for my financial transactions.

I also carry a RNA degree (Restorative Nurse Assistant) from the Best American Healthcare University what I found helpful when working on medical related translations. Work samples and references can be found on my personal web site.

I look forward hearing from you.


Jason Winkler

phone: 661-242-1675

e-mail: jw@atomicjam.tv

skype: jw4060

personal web site: http://atomicjam.tv




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