English to Spanish Translation Professional Javier Uribe

Member since October 09, 2013

Studied English at the Anglo-Mexican Cultural Institute (The Anglo) finished Advanced courses and then took CES ( Comparative English-Spanish Studies). Finally studied Translation for a year and a half. Always learning and reading about my job. I've always thought that translation is an Art, that´s why when translating I use the culture and thinking of the destination language, so the translation reflects the thinking and feeling, not word by word translating (Spanish is my native language).20 years of experience on IT (Information Technologies) mainly on databases, spreadsheets (Excel Advanced) and Microsoft Access at application development level. Now I'm introducing myself on cloud computing. Worked last 18 years at a University, Now working as Head of Alumni Services Department at the Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Coacalco.




College Degree

Excel Advanced Access Advanced Private Cloud Building Customer Service