English to Spanish Translation Professional Jesse Glick

Member since April 17, 2013

I was born in the USA in an English-speaking home, but grew up in Spain for most of my elementary school years, attending a local public school where only Spanish was spoken.

In High School, I produced a translation of Shakespeare's King John (correct but unfortunately prosaic), and at New York University I took a one-semester advanced workshop in literary translation working with excerpts from Latin American classics.

As an adult in the US, I have been involved with social and religious activities in the Hispanic community: for years I attended weekly services in Spanish and I have delivered lectures on Biblical topics in Spanish to audiences of over 90. My social circle includes many Spanish-speakers with limited English.

In my other profession, I am a co-inventor and lead software developer of the Expertool platform for human-assisted machine learning in decision support software and expert systems. This led me to professional translation, as I funded early development with work for the Mexico edition of Byte magazine, and later translated from Spanish documents on information security as part of an Expertool project.




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