English to Spanish Translation Professional Jimena Arechavala

Member since August 21, 2013


My name is Jimena (I know it’s a difficult name, the J in Spanish actually sounds like an H). Originally from Mexico, I have made my home in Toronto now. The challenges of communication across different languages and cultures have become an exciting part of my everyday life since I’m married to a Canadian man who spoke very little Spanish when we first met. Long before that, my life always seemed to gravitate towards the English language. It’s kind of a love story of its own that started with an early passion for Hollywood movies and English literature. I studied Social Anthropology but it shouldn’t be any surprise I started using English early on in my professional life: as a bilingual writer and translator for a non-profit organization in Mexico that connects innovative companies with technological hubs around the world, and later on as an English teacher. I am currently studying Independent Illustration at Seneca College and my dream is to write and illustrate children’s books, merging my love for words and my love for images. Whether it is explaining a Spanish joke to a Canadian friend or translating ideas into visual concepts, I thoroughly enjoy overcoming the challenges of communication. To be part of that process in any way makes me very happy and now I’m very excited to continue on that path as a member of the VerbalizeIt team.




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