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My name is Joana Antunes Soares. I was born in Lisbon, Portugal to a multi-lingual mother and a Literature University Lecturer. When I was 15 years old, I temporarily moved to the United States. This was my first time living in an English-speaking country. Everything was new to me and I was very keen on learning as much as possible about the language and the culture of this amazing country. I absorbed everything I could, and even upon returning to Portugal, I always knew that I would be back to live in an English speaking country. Then, in 2004, the opportunity came for me to move to the United Kingdom. I stayed for a year and I was able to absorb a lot of the culture and also the specificities of the English language. This was when I became increasingly interested in Translation. Hence, when moving back to Lisbon, Portugal I signed up for University and started a B.A. in Translation at the University of Lisbon, choosing English and Spanish as my two foreign languages. Four years later, I graduated with a GPA of 13/20 and in late 2008, began working for the General-Directorate for the Arts in Lisbon (the equivalent to the Arts Council in the UK). In August 2009 I moved back to the United Kingdom. This time, for good. I began my career as a freelance translator, and later that year started working for Air France in London, as a customer care agent. My role in Air France was to draft customer replies in both English and Portuguese to Air France's customers, as well as to translate legal notices and other legal documents. At the same time, I kept on increasing my client base as a freelance translator, and, in 2013 I decided to spend more time building my own business and translating for different agencies and clients. As I build my contact net, and translate different types of documents, I am becoming increasingly interested in this fantastic art which is translating. I have become passionate about it and this is what I plan to do for the rest of my life.




College Degree

BA in Translation - February 2009 IELTS 7.5 Band Score - Feb 2010