English to Spanish Translation Professional Jonathan Spoliansky

Member since May 30, 2013

Born to Argentinian parents, Jonathan was born and raised in South Florida in a bilingual home. During his formative years, he traveled to Argentina several times, as well as to various other Latin American countries. In 2000, after graduating with honors from high school, he moved to Gainesville, to pursue his studies at the University. A graduate from the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida, Jonathan became an interpreter in 2008 for i2i Languages, Inc.. Upon joining i2i Languages, he brought his experience as a high school Spanish teacher and as a salesman for a major kitchen and bath distributor. This previous work experience allowed him to effectively manage i2i while still maintaining the care and attention needed when working with people.

In 2009, Jonathan became the Chief Financial Officer and co-Director of i2i Languages. In this new role, he began the rigorous task of standardizing the business’ accounting practices, streamlining operations, growing the network of interpreters and translators, increasing the number of customers, implementing new marketing strategies and refocusing the vision of the business thereby renewing the spirit with which i2i Languages, Inc. was originally founded with. He is a duly-qualified court interpreter, a devoted husband and father, and an avid gardener.




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